When we were Ferraris

When we were Ferraris

My major issue with the modern fitness industry is its total focus on looking good naked.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with looking good naked, it just cannot be the only thing.

For most of us who grew up in the 70s and earlier fat was the exception and so were helicopter parents.  As a result we grew up climbing trees, falling out of trees, riding our bikes, falling off our bikes, walking in the bush looking for something to shoot with our airguns and ketties (Afrikaans for slingshot), walking to school, music and rugby practice.  In general we moved and moved a lot.  Then at times we moved really fast.  At other times we used our strength to move something just because we could.  We played with abandon.  Our only focus being “can we do it”!

Fast forward 20+ years.  We are no longer so slim and we wonder why.  After all the supplements, diets, gym hours and personal trainers we should be, but we are not.

Some say it is the inevitability of father time, but I say it is our obsession on form and not function.  Stop worrying about the scale numbers, your six meals and 8 glasses of water a day.  Start working on your loss of function.  Start on regaining the mobility you had when you were young.  Once you are able to move well as you did in your youth, then you will move more and then faster and stronger. 

Assess your movement patterns, or better yet get a professional to do so.  There are many screens available.  Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is one that is used at Generation Strength.  Once assessed work on your weaknesses and train your strengths.  Over time you won’t have weak areas, just strong and stronger areas.

In time form will follow function, it is the law of nature.

Shaun Cairns, Master SFG, Trainer and Owner at Generation Strength

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