Generation Strength Success Stories

Generation Strength Success Stories



Great Privilege and honour to be instructed by Shaun.

Muhammed Dawood - JHB South Africa

Shaun is extremely inspiring and passionate. He took time to explain and demonstrate. Definitely would like to learn more from him.

Roxanne Nell - JHB South Africa

Shaun, Master SFG!!! Great sense of humour. He gave useful tips and made it look easy.

Lundi Petse JHB South Africa

Shaun showed a high level of professionalism. He explained and demonstrated each technique thoroughly.

Eli Yousry. Beirut, Lebanon

Shaun is very skilled and shared his knowledge without hesitating.

Samantha De Wet JHB South Africa

He (Shaun) is the Best!!!

Maureen Ackerman SA

Shaun runs a tight ship. It is always a pleasure to be around him and learn from his priceless wisdom.

Hendrik De Bruin

Outstanding, Approachable, Thorough, Knowledgeable

Matt Ryan Sydney Australia

10 out of 10 – could not ask for more. Shaun inspired me and I will be back.

Nicholas Mendoza Jones Sydney Australia

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