Online Coaching

Online Coaching

  No Matter Where In The World you are You’ll Get Fit & Look Great!

Generation Strength takes pride in providing the most effective coaching for our clients in the ONLINE environment.  Our ONLINE coaching gives you access to world class instructors who focus on your personal needs and objectives, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals!

Each ONLINE coaching session is designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism for your unique needs.

You’ll See Endless Benefits!

Our coaching is designed to show you results and get you into the best shape of your life!

Will you be challenged?  YES …   Will you see results?  ABSOLUTELY


 I decided to get an online coach mostly due to the circumstances surrounding Covid, and once I started online training I realized the many additional benefits —  the scheduling is a lot easier because the training is done from home, and as someone who travels a lot for work, the option to continue training remotely while on the road is a massive benefit for me.

 I was introduced to Shaun through a mutual connection. He was recommended to me as a good fit for someone with slightly less typical physical abilities and goals, and it’s been a fantastic match. 

 I’ve been training with Shaun since May of this year.  I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of our sessions, especially given that the training is remote. He is extremely attentive and detail oriented with form, and can catch the smallest of things even over the camera, and help correct the posture and execution of the exercises. As someone who has a lot of pre-existing orthopaedic issues, he has been amazing with accommodating flare-ups but still finding ways to continue regular training and working around the pain, and even helping to alleviate the pain. 

 One of the most significant things I have gained during our training so far is an increase in confidence in my body’s ability to move and exercise. Shaun has gently and consistently guided me back into using my body to a fuller extent, and has helped to show me to trust my body more. Besides getting back into a better range of movement, I have gained strength and overall body positivity. Shaun is fantastic also with imparting his positive energy and creating an environment that feels safe, fun, and the exact right amount of challenging.

(Hannah Waseleski, Germany)




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